Monkey Fresh Car Care Products

JM Dynamics Enterprises Corp. is the company behind the Monkey Fresh brand air fresheners and apparel. We are headquartered in Farmer's Branch, Texas, USA.

These air fresheners eliminate unpleasant odors by providing premium fragrance that delivers long-lasting results for your automobiles!

While the first fragrances were JDM Fresh Squash, Bubble Gum, Cherry Crush, Fresh Vanilla, Go'in Bananas, and Golden Shores, the range is expanding to feature a lot more. 

The product range expanded, too, with the addition of other air freshening solutions like Fresh Link, Vent Wrap, and Fiber Can. These products offer a choice in style while still delivering the great fragrance that consumers know and love.

Joe Marroquin is passionate about the quality of his products that he has handled every detail from the rigorous testing and quality of each scent to the fabric and styles of each piece of apparel to ensure that each piece meets his high standards for fragrance, strength and longevity.

JM Dynamics Enterprises Corp. is committed to producing high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable products that provide the best fragrance experience possible.